Many homeowners and businesses install a fence around their property without giving much thought to it. After all, any fence is better than no fence, right? Well, actually, that’s not true. Your safety and security are at stake and we’re here to help you to understand that the type of fence you choose, and the material they’re made of, matters a lot. 

Here are some important tips from a top-rated Kentucky fence company on how to choose the right security fence so that you can keep your home and business safe.

Qualities of an Effective Security Fence

Usually, security fencing is installed on a property for two main reasons—to keep your home or business secure and to add a visually appealing barrier. Your peace of mind is important to us so we’ve compiled a list of seven qualities that will help you choose a security fence that works the best for your needs.

#1 – Height

Fence height alone is a good deterrent for intruders. While an 8-foot fence or higher is ideal, zoning restrictions in some areas limit fence heights to 6 feet high. The key is to choose a fence that is tall enough to make it difficult for an intruder to get over. Even a shorter fence can improve security. To burglars, your home looks more difficult to break into with a fence around it. 


A small, decorative fence in your yard serves as a mental barrier to would-be burglars. If they were to go over even a shorter fence, it will be harder to go unnoticed by neighbors. A burglar wants to be able to easily carry away anything they can grab. A fence around your yard or business makes that more difficult.

#2 – Visibility

Ideally, you’ll want to be able to see through your fence and if someone is prowling around on the other side, it will give you the opportunity to investigate or call for help before they make it over the barrier. If an intruder manages to scale a fence with open rails, the fence provides visibility from the street, making it harder to go unnoticed while breaking into your house. An effective security fence often has visibility and clear sightlines between the street and the house.

#3 – No Hiding Places

Just as important as installing a fence that has clear visibility through it, if you have a lot of bushes or even other structures like storage sheds, dog houses, and children’s playhouses, do not keep them next to the fence or obstructing your view. You’ll want to keep as much visibility on your property as possible to not allow a burglar to hide out. A good security fence will be free and clear of other obstructions.

#4 – Hard to Climb

A security fence shouldn’t have any footholds where a burglar can boost themselves over the top. Make sure the fence that you use for your home or business has very few horizontal rails. A vinyl fence is a great option for a fence that has no footholds and is difficult to scale. Vinyl is also one of the more attractive types of fences and comes in a variety of styles and colors. If you are installing a chain-link fence, make sure to install one that has smaller holes so that a person cannot use those holes to climb up. No matter how high the security fence is, if it’s flat on top, it can still be breached. 

#5 – Difficult to Cut or Bend

Given enough time, nearly any fence material can be cut or bent. The longer you can deter an intruder, the better, so make sure that the material is a type that is stronger and more difficult to bend or cut. For example, a higher-grade aluminum fence or chain link fence will be much harder to cut or bend than a standard residential grade, so if it’s in your budget, choose the stronger material.

#6 – Added Security at Your Fence Top

Some areas allow for the addition of barbed wire to be added to the top of your commercial security fence. While it is certainly an effective way to keep intruders off your business property, it is important to check with your local zoning officials to be sure it is allowed, and your expert Kentucky fence company can help with that. Some fences, including aluminum and vinyl security fences, have styles available that include spires at the top of the fence that may prove to be the perfect solution to boost security.

#7 – Additional Lighting and Security Cameras

A property that is well-lit at night can be a deterrent to anyone thinking of sneaking onto your property.  You can add lighting on or near your fence to provide a good view of anyone near your home or business. Installing outdoor motion sensor lighting is also effective – these lights are bright and will illuminate the exterior doors, whether it be a floodlight, landscape lighting, or other outdoor security light. The presence of security cameras situated near your fence will also make a burglar think twice about trying to enter your property. 

More Qualities to Consider with Your Local Kentucky Fence Company

Now that you have considered the characteristics important for an effective security fence that we listed above, you can select the materials for the structure. Choose from aluminum, vinyl, chain-link, or wood.  Mr. Fence has several different features available for each material to suit your security requirements and all of our vinyl and aluminum fence styles, and some chain link and wood styles support a remote gate operator, with slight modification in some cases. 


If you’re ready to begin planning the details of your security fence for your home or business, let us help guide you through the process. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff would be happy to talk with you, or you can use our online estimator tool that can get you a quote in minutes.

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