There are times when we want to sit back, relax, and escape the outside world with some privacy. One great way to do this is with the installation of a privacy fence that can create a space that feels like a peaceful getaway. Consider installing a privacy fence around your home for security and aesthetic appeal at the same time!


If you haven’t quite decided on what material you’d like for your fence, a professional Kentucky fence company like Mr. Fence is here to help you navigate all the options. There are a lot of advantages to having a privacy fence, so we’ve compiled a list of the benefits and a variety of materials to help you make the perfect choice for your home. 

1. Keep Your Family and Pets Protected

The safety and well-being of your family is always a top priority. When your kids go outside to play, a secure, strong privacy fence can give you peace of mind. Keeping children and pets inside the perimeter of your property is one of the best ways to keep them safe. This is especially true if your property is right next to a busy street. Since you can’t keep an eye on kids and pets 24/7, fencing is an ideal solution so you can keep them out of the road or from wandering onto your neighbor’s property. A secure fence will keep them in your yard and keep unwanted strangers away. It will also provide a boundary for your outdoor living spaces so your family and friends can enjoy some time together without the neighborhood looking in. 

2. Theft Deterrent

Although privacy fences aren’t always built specifically for security, they can help deter theft. With less visibility into your property, there will be less temptation for theft. Do you have valuable items sitting in your outdoor areas? If these are on display for the public to see, there’s always a chance that someone might get the idea that they could take something when you’re not home.  If your outdoor items are shielded from view, this reduces the chance of them catching the eye of someone passing by. 


Besides this, if the privacy fence you install is strong, sturdy, and well-built, it can also make it harder for people to enter your yard. Even if your fence doesn’t include security elements like razor wire, it can still discourage intruders. Getting over a 6-foot privacy fence is a lot harder than stepping over a quaint picket fence.

3. Less Noise With a Privacy Fence

When made with the right materials and a smart design, a privacy fence can serve as a noise barrier, blocking out some or most of the unwanted sounds from outside your home. If your home sits near a busy street, you’ll be amazed at how much quieter it is with a six or eight-foot privacy fence. The solid construction deflects sound and gives you a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle outside your home. No matter which kind of privacy fence you choose for your Owensboro neighborhood, it will still function as a sound barrier that will benefit both you and your neighbors in the long run.


Kentucky privacy fences allow you to have gatherings with friends and family in seclusion without disturbing your neighbors and, sometimes more importantly, without neighbors disturbing you. Being a considerate neighbor is the right thing to do, and with a privacy fence, it’s that much easier!

4. The Value of Privacy Fences

An attractive, well-constructed fence can add to your home’s overall appeal. According to Architectural Digest, homeowners can boost their home’s resale value by 5% to 12% if they spruce up outdoor areas. Adding a home privacy fence can give your outdoor space that luxurious and exclusive edge that will stand out in buyers’ minds, and it may be a sought-after amenity to future purchasers. A potential homebuyer will likely appreciate a border fence, especially for the backyard space. If a buyer has children or pets, they’ll be happy to see that there is already a fence on the property to keep their family safe. Not only that, but the aesthetic value a privacy fence can provide can give you a selling advantage in the future, too.


Kentucky privacy fences may also add value by decreasing your homeowner’s insurance premium when you report the installation of the fence to your insurance provider Always check before arranging the installation of your fence, to see what their policies are and what benefits you may receive.

5. Define Property Boundaries With a Kentucky Privacy Fence

A fence creates a clear-cut property boundary and without a fence, your Owensboro, KY area property is more exposed to trespassers. Property lines are also a common source of contention between neighbors. Before beginning construction on your privacy fence, have a chat with any close neighbors who may be affected by your plans and make sure you are aware of the legal restrictions for municipal setback lines and regulations determining what is allowed. It is a good idea to have a land surveyor mark your property lines. When you and your neighbors are clear about your property lines, you can avoid potential problems down the line. 

Material Options for Kentucky Privacy Fences 

Kentucky privacy fences are available in a variety of materials, styles, and levels of customization. Aluminum fences, chain-link fences, wood fencing, and vinyl fences all have options for improving your privacy that you will love.


For example, a vinyl privacy fence can survive strong winds and inclement weather without fading or warping because of its durable material design. Vinyl also boasts a clean, bright aesthetic and longevity, and requires very little maintenance.


A wood privacy fence is another good choice and adds a natural-looking aesthetic to your property. Our recommendation for a Kentucky privacy fence is to use cedarwood, as it holds up to the Kentucky climate much better than pressure-treated pine. We do have pressure-treated pine available for customers whose budgets restrict them to the less durable material, but while it has that natural charm, it doesn’t quite have the longevity of other fencing materials.


Chain link privacy slats come in several different colors, and they fit into the chain link gaps to increase the amount of view obstruction. A chain link privacy fence’s galvanized steel framing and composition have made it a popular choice for Kentucky homes and businesses because of its long-term durability and minimal maintenance costs.


While an aluminum fence can provide a classic, beautiful aesthetic to your property with durability, strength, and low maintenance, they are not usually considered if privacy is your main concern.


In our photo gallery, you can see all of these designs and examples of projects we’ve done with these fence materials. Start by looking through our gallery of finished fencing projects and our webpage dedicated to privacy fencing for ideas for your own privacy fence.

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