Thinking about installing or replacing a wood fence in Owensboro, Kentucky? There are lots of choices and styles out there to choose from, whether you’re looking to add a decorative border around your property, create more privacy in your backyard, or help to provide more security for your family. Mr. Fence, a top-rated Owensboro, Kentucky wood fence company, has a fence solution to meet your needs! Read on to learn about some of the most popular wood fence styles to consider.

Kentucky Security Fence – Wood Styles and Designs

Whether you want a classic, welcoming picket fence or a sturdy privacy fence, we can build it. We customize the style of each Owensboro, Kentucky wood fence to suit each customer’s needs and also have options for different posts and gates to further customize the look of each fence. What is the right style of wood fence for your home’s aesthetic? What is your purpose for installing a fence? Are you looking for privacy, or to feel more secure? We offer a wide array of designs and styles so that whatever your fencing needs, our Owensboro, Kentucky fence company will provide beautiful fencing solutions that will keep you safe and secure. Read on to learn more about some popular wood fencing options.


Board on board wood fence owensboro KY

Board-on-Board Wood Fence

A board-on-board fence is a type of privacy fence constructed with an overlapping pattern of vertical pickets. The overlapping design results in a sturdy, solid fence that’s just as attractive from either side, though the additional material required adds to the cost. The advantages of a board-on-board fence are maximum privacy, durability, and curb appeal. Its height, strength, and durability make it an effective Kentucky security fence that will help to keep your family and pets in and unwanted visitors out! 


stockade wood fence owensboro KY

Stockade Wood Fence

A stockade fence, also called side-by-side fencing, is another wood style that can be installed by our Owensboro, KY fence company. It is a simple design constructed with wood boards placed tightly against one another, giving you a solid panel. With no gaps between pickets, this style provides a high level of privacy, making it a popular choice. Additionally, a finished look can be added with a dog-ear top, scallop top, lattice, or even a cap and trim topper. Contact us for more information about installing a stockade Kentucky security fence.


Wood Picket Fence Owensboro KY

Picket Fences

Picket fences have that familiar, nostalgic look and are commonly used for decorative purposes and domestic property boundaries. They are defined by their evenly spaced vertical planks, known as pickets, that are fastened to horizontal rails. You can choose from different styles like a closed-top or open-top vinyl picket fence as well.


Horizontal Wood Fence Owensboro KY

Horizontal Fences

Horizontal wood fences have a modern look which has made them quite a popular option recently. Horizontal fences are highly customizable and can add serious curb appeal to your property with their unique look. Contact Mr. Fence, the top-rated Owensboro, Kentucky fence company, where we are happy to answer any questions you might have about installing a horizontal fence.


Split rail fence in Owensboro KY

Post and Split Rail Wood Fencing

Sturdy post and rail fencing is a basic yet effective way to install a type of open fencing. It is often used to create a perimeter enclosure for agricultural areas or livestock. It can also provide a boundary around smaller areas of land, or features such as young trees, while still allowing an open view.  When keeping your cattle safe and secure, post-and-rail fences are a great choice.

Split rail fences are a popular choice for properties in rural areas, such as farms or ranches. Split rail fences are often used to define a residential property line from the road and are most often used for decorative purposes. Split rail fencing is an economical choice for property owners who need to fence entire tracts of land, and clear boundaries can help property owners feel more secure.

High-Quality Wood is Important for a Strong Kentucky Security Fence

Using top-quality wood to build a sturdy fence that will last is of the utmost importance. We use both cedarwood and pressure-treated pine for our wood fence installations. Natural tannins in cedar make it resistant to insects, rot, and decay. It’s also all-natural, making it even safer for your family and pets.  With a more regular grain structure, cedar absorbs and releases water more consistently, making it less prone to warping and twisting. A cedar fence maintains its structural integrity for a long time – making it a great choice for a security fence in Kentucky.


Pressure-treated pine boards and posts are resistant to rot and decay, and will outlast natural, untreated lumber. It tends to be denser than untreated wood, making it a stronger, more durable option for your Kentucky security fence. 


As an experienced and reputable Owensboro, Kentucky fence company, we make sure to use the highest quality, longest-lasting products available so that our customers get the most from their investment, and can also feel safe and secure in the choices they make. Be sure to check out all of our wood fence styles to find what will work best to meet your needs!

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