It is always a good idea to make a pros and cons list when deciding which fence to install on your Kentucky property. With wood fencing, that’s exactly what we’ve done for you here. In this post, we go into the details and build a list of key points that can assist you along the process. 

In Kentucky, wood fences are the most popular, but fencing isn’t just a popularity contest! It’s possible that something different is the greatest option for you, depending on your specific circumstances. Everybody’s needs and situation are different. Here are some of our expert fencing suggestions to assist you in making the best decision possible. 

Pros and Cons of Kentucky Wood Fences

Despite all the benefits of wood fencing, such as its customization features and timeless beauty, it is the most likely type of fence to decay and require replacement after a number of years. They do, however, resist the harsh Kentucky climate well and stay looking great with a little care. 


Being less expensive than other fencing alternatives in Kentucky, wood fences are a smart option for many customers across the region. Wood fences are the most versatile type of fencing around. No matter the style or color you are looking for, wood can match your needs. It can create privacy, security, beauty and if you don’t mind refinishing your fence every couple of years and replacing any boards that are damaged over time, a wood fence is a great choice for your Kentucky property.

Are Kentucky Wood Fences Strong?

There are a few fundamental signs that can help you determine whether or not a wood fence is strong. Here are a few major factors: 


Correctly Installed Wood Fence Posts 

If fence posts are correctly installed, a wood fence will be strong. Hiring the best fencing contractor in Kentucky, such as Owensboro Fence Company, is the most important approach to assure a job well done. We have a long list of satisfied customers who witness firsthand our high quality of workmanship and expert fence installations across Kentucky. 

Using High-Quality Wood Fencing Material

Choose a low-budget company and you’ll most likely get an inferior quality wood product. This implies that the wood will have flaws that cause material weaknesses as well as a lower density. This type of wood, which is commonly seen in large box retailer stores, such as Lowes or Home Depot, will not resist Kentucky weather and will not last as long.

Well-Fastened Fence Boards 

Similarly to the wood fencing materials, fence fasteners come in a variety of quality grades, too. Be sure you choose a company that is using high quality, exterior grade fasteners for your wood fence, otherwise you’ll be sacrificing the quality and life expectancy of your fence. Discounts sound great, until you’re paying much more because of them later!

In answer to the question, “Are wood fences strong?” we can tell you…it depends! If Owensboro Fence Company was the local fence contractor you hired, then absolutely, the answer is YES!  Otherwise, our guess is as good as yours.

Most Popular Styles of Wood Fences in Kentucky

One of the best features of wood fencing in Kentucky is its ability to be customized in shape and style almost any way you please.There are a few tried-and-true standards that the majority of homeowners and business owners go with, and those usual styles are described for you below.


Cap and Trim Wood Fence
Cap and Trim Wood Fence

Wood Cap and Trim Fences

Wood cap and trim fences are a classic style of wood fencing often used in Kentucky for back yards, and even pool areas. Before choosing a wood cap and trim fence for your yard, be sure to talk to one of our fence specialists to be sure it’s the right choice for your town. 


Horizontal Wood Fences
Horizontal Wood Fence

Horizontal Wood Fences

For most Kentucky properties, horizontal wood fences are an great choice to mark a border and create a natural-looking enhancement to your property. These types of fences are a great option for decorative or practical yard fencing. 


Wood Picket Fences
Wood Picket Fence

Wood Picket Fences

Wood picket fences are a classic style of wood fencing often used in Kentucky for gardens, front yards, and even pool areas. Before choosing a wood picket fence for your pool area, be sure to talk to one of our fence specialists to be sure it’s an acceptable choice for the pool codes in your town. 


Privacy Wood Fence
Privacy Wood Fence

Standard Privacy (Stockade) Wood Fences

This is the type of wood privacy fence that most people envision when they think of privacy fencing. On the inside of the fence, the classic wood privacy fence normally has three horizontal rails visible to the homeowner, with the more attractive finished-looking side facing outward. This tried-and-true look can be found on nearly every street in Kentucky.


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